Zigoo Crinkits Small Orange

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Dogs love the sound of an empty water bottle! Designed to provide a protective barrier around a water bottle, Crinkits give your dog an interactive toy they won’t want to put down. This very durable material allows for tough chewers to play with an empty water bottle. Use the Crinkit as a treat dispenser by putting a smaller water bottle inside the Crinkit, which allows room for a treat on the end where you insert the bottle. Does your dog love water, because the Crinkit floats! Although the Crinkit is very durable, no dog toy is indestructible. Always supervise your dog when they’re playing.

Instructions: Most empty 8oz. water bottles fit into a small Crinkit. Securing the cap tightly back onto the empty bottle allows the bottle to slide in easier. Put a little soapy water over the empty water bottle to help with inserting or taking out the bottle.

Proudly made and sourced in the USA

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