Skin Tonic

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Skin Tonic Spray is the perfect remedy for dry, itching, and irritated skin, hot spots, and numerous other skin issues. Don’t get caught without it! Perfect for pets and their humans! Soothe everything from hot spots to boo-boos and bug bites or allergies. You will be amazed at its healing abilities! Skin Tonic Spray is a safe and natural anti-itch spray for people, dogs, and cats. It’s made with essential oils of lavender, cedar, lemongrass, and orgaic neem oil. This spray can be applied right onto the itch or all over the body, providing gentle comfort for serious irritations. This product also has a fresh, clean fragrance that dogs and people can both enjoy!

Use Skin Tonic Spray to soothe: dry skin itching, skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, burns, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, ringworm, insect bites, mites, and mange

Distilled water, organic oils of neem, lavendar, cedar, and lemongrass, and neutral emulsifier derived from plant materials

8 fl.oz. bottle

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