Fresh Dog Deodorizer Spray

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Instead of just covering up stinky dog smell, Fresh heals and soothes the bacteria, fungus, or skin issues that may be causing Fido’s stinky smell. Most dog perfumes use alcohol and artificial fragrances to cover up smells temporarily. In addition to providing only a temporary solution, alcohol dries out your pup’s skin, and artificial fragrances irritate a dog’s skin, eyes, and nose. Unlike those dog perfumes, Fresh dog deodorizing spray uses only safe, natural ingredients. Plus, it’s alcohol-free and contains neem oil, so the spray actually moisturizes instead of drying out your dog’s skin. This spray won’t stain carpet, furniture, or flooring and the spray’s pleasant aroma makes other things smell great, too! You can spray it on pet bedding and in areas where your dog spends time to keep them smelling fresh.

Distilled water, organic oils of neem, lavender, cedar, and lemongrass, and neutral emulsifier derived from plant materials

4oz. bottle

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